About Amino Acids

Dr. Biolab

Amino acids have many metabolic roles in the body including brain and nerve function, hormone synthesis as well as representing building blocks of protein. Throughout the days, the body continuously manufactures millions of proteins associated with muscle structure and function. Amino acids are thus vital for good body performance.

Urine analysis testing is used to identify metabolic imbalances which may assist in clinical diagnosis and provide a baseline of individual biochemistry for planning, implementing and tracking patient management. Amino acid deficits can arise from prolonged illness, poor diet, extensive exercise regimes as well as ageing processes and may contribute towards a poor health status.

Tailoring a specific amino acid intake to a patient’s individual requirements can lead to better health and quality of life for the general population and, in the case of athletes, improved performance. Individual requirements are different as a result of a myriad of factors including age, lifestyle, genetics, food and medicinal intake, sleep patterns and training schedules.

Alterations in amino acid metabolism can be identified with urine analysis and a comprehensive, accurate supplementation program can be implemented. Providing a patient with nutritional support based on laboratory tests provides the best possible approach to clinical nutritional management.