Urinary Analysis

The Urinary Amino Acid Analysis can be used to:

  • Identify anomalies in the excretion of amino acids.
  • Identify deficits in amino acid homeostasis reacting an individual’s requirement for essential and semi-essential amino acids. Deficits can be rectified by supplementation of corresponding amino acids in a targeted formulation.
  • Identify markers of muscle catabolism associated with overtraining, prolonged illness, and infections.

Selected protein foods, fruits and vegetables could potentially be used to provide the additional demands of various amino acids and this could form the basis of nutritional support. The difficulty is to match the patient’s specic requirements to the appropriate plant/animal extract. In addition, digestive capacity is often reduced in the aging individual as well as under times of intense exercise, stress or prolonged illness. This impact on the stomach can lead to inadequate protein digestion and thus may render the food supplement approach ineffective.



Undergoing a DRBiolab urine test is a simple four-step procedure:

  1. Go to any participating practitioner or Go Vita stores and pick up a DRBiolab Urine Analysis Kit.
  2. Collect a first morning urine sample with the sterile container provided.
  3. Return specimen to the practitioner or participating Go Vita stores, where it will be sent to the DRBiolab laboratory for testing.
  4. Book a consultation with your healthcare professional to have your results explained and create an individual amino acid supplement plan specic to your needs.

Urine test analysis results provide:

  • Biochemical amino acids proles reported against standardised reference ranges for healthy individuals.
  • Comprehensive Interpretation Guide compiled by medical and scientific consultants including a “Quick Glance” summary of abnormal results.
  • Treatment protocols can be provided in consultation with the patient’s practitioner, nutritionist or naturopath.