Amino Acid Supplements

Under circumstances of extensive athletic training, the body places very heavy demands on the protein reserves in the muscles. The muscles have 2 main types of proteins,

  • those involved in the muscle fibres used for contraction and delivering work, and
  • a more rapid turnover pool of proteins within the muscle cells, designed to provide amino acids on demand.

Under periods of high energy demand, the higher turnover pools of muscle proteins are broken down to release amino acids to meet metabolic demands and this is known as a catabolic or proteolytic response. If the exertion is prolonged and extreme, then the muscle can revert to breaking down some of the structural and connective tissue proteins which can lead to muscle damage. This may be part of the damage that causes muscle stiffness and fatigue following these exertions. It is also possible, that the catabolic response can occur during and after infections, injuries and various chronic conditions.

The “Sports Amino Fuel” is a product that has been designed to meet the demands of the high performance athletes, where the protein amino acid building blocks are provided as individual units ready for immediate uptake either during or immediately after exercise. There is no need for digestion, which is vital, since digestive capacity is virtually switched off during exercise to optimize blood flow to the muscles. The amino acid components together with some dextrose, anti-oxidants and vitamins can be potentially easily rapidly absorbed. This mix can be taken during exercise and help prolong the catabolic effect and thereby minimize impending damage to structural muscle fibers.

The same approach has been taken in the design of the “Base Amino Fuel”, which is designed as a general lift for people with high executive work and stress loads. These people may have impaired digestive capacity and need a rapid recharge of amino acids which are vital for sustaining performance at all levels of professional activities, ranging from giving public presentations, addressing board meetings, lecturing, fieldwork and traveling long distances. Furthermore, those people with chronic ill health can often suffer reduced digestive capacity, food intolerances and allergies. This amino acid supplement can provide them with easily absorbed nutrients for facilitating the demands of recovery.

TOP Nutrition has gone to great length to design products on a scientific basis to deliver efficient uptake of the desired protein and amino acid support.